Low back pain ranks as one of the leading reasons for emergency room visits, second only to headaches. It can manifest as either a chronic or acute condition, stemming from apparent injuries or insidious onset due to degenerative changes within the spine. To truly grasp low back pain, it’s vital to gain insight into the anatomy and the structures that can give rise to this discomfort.

Our approach begins by dividing the back and spine into four distinct segments: the cervical or neck area, the thoracic or mid-back region, the lumbar or low back, and the sacrum and coccyx, which encompass the tailbone or seat area.

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Critical components within the back and spine include:

  • Vertebral Bones: These bones stack atop one another, providing essential protection for the spinal cord, both in the upper and mid-back regions, as well as the nerves within the low back.
  • Intra-vertebral Discs: Functioning as cushions and shock absorbers, these discs create space for the spine while facilitating its mobility. They reside between the vertebrae.
  • Spinal Cord: Originating from the base of the brain, the spinal cord traverses the spinal canal, extending down to the first lumbar spine area.
  • Ligaments: Robust, flexible fibers of connective tissue that anchor the vertebral bodies in position.
  • Muscles: These muscles possess the capacity to exert influence on the spine, allowing for various movements, including bending, extending, flexing, side-to-side motion, and twisting.
  • Tendons: Serving as connectors between muscles and bone.

Injuries to any of these structures can give rise to low back pain, mid-back pain, or neck pain, necessitating a comprehensive evaluation and personalized treatment.

At Innovation Spine Medical, we are dedicated to unraveling the complexities of low back pain, utilizing a combination of medical expertise and innovative therapies to provide patients with tailored care and relief.

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