about our chiropractic office

Innovation Spine Medical provides high-quality, evidence-based care for acute and chronic pain. Pain management specialist Dmitriy Fuzaylov, MD, and experienced chiropractor Ronald Michelli, DC, tailor treatment plans to individual patients’ needs.

They offer a variety of pain management services at the offices in the Malverne village of Long Island, New York, and in the Rego Park community of Queens, New York.

The providers use on-site technologies to accurately diagnose and treat the underlying causes of neck pain, back pain, joint pain, and headaches. They can address sports injuries, auto injuries, and workplace injuries, as well as many types of painful conditions, including arthritis, tendonitis, and degenerative disc disease.

The pain management practice focuses on the use of nonsurgical treatments and alternative therapies to keep pain well-controlled in the long term. They specialize in customized treatment plans using chiropractic care and minimally invasive spinal injections to ease pain and improve spine and joint health.

The providers at Innovation Spine Medical also have certifications and extensive experience in a variety of regenerative medicine therapies, including prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections, and cellular regenerative therapy.

These minimally invasive treatments harness the body’s own ability to heal itself from the inside out to provide long-lasting pain relief.

Alternative therapies like acupuncture and massage therapy are also available under the same roof for their patients’ convenience. The practice offers physical therapy services on-site to help people recover from spine and joint injuries or surgery.

Adolescents and adults of all ages who are living with chronic pain but are looking to reduce a reliance on medications should schedule a consultation online or by calling the nearest Innovation Spine Medical office today.