Epidural Steroid Injections

Relief for inflamed spinal nerve pain


An epidural injection is a common pain management procedure used to treat inflamed spinal nerve pain. Disc herniation or spinal arthritic changes irritating the nerve root are the most common causes of this inflammation. This may involve any part of the spine, but the neck and lower back are the most frequently involved sites. The procedure is minimally invasive and quite routine.

The medicine is injected into the spinal space where your nerves live (otherwise known as epidural space), and it serves to reduce inflammation and soothe the pain on you nerve as it bathes it. The injection consists of a diluted steroid medication, which is the strongest anti-inflammatory substance we have. Fluoroscopy, a special kind of X-ray, is used throughout the procedure to ensure both precision and safety of the procedure. You will be given a local anesthetic injection at the site of the epidural injection, which will greatly reduce any discomfort perceived due to the injection.

While many people will require only a single injection, occasionally a second or a third injection may be performed to achieve the optimal outcome.

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